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Behind the brand CORAM TOOLS stands the inventor and our managing director Marco Steiger. In 1997 he invented the B-Cut saw blades for the oscillating multifunctional machines.

As a trained carpenter, Marco Steiger was at home on the construction site, and so he had a problem that he could not solve with any known tool. So he had the idea to combine an oscillating triangular grinder with a Tajima 265 hauling saw. After several prototypes, which he produced with tin snips, pliers and vice, he had finished the first properly functioning prototype and could test it on the building site. A complete success!

Since he saw a great potential in his invention but was not yet fully convinced of his prototype, he went back to the garage and continued to tinker. A short time later he had produced a small series and showed them to his colleagues, some recognized the potential and were immediately enthusiastic, others were skeptical.

So Marco began to move from carpenter's shop to carpenter's shop with a finished case (consisting of a triangular grinder and a set of his saw blades), initially once a week, and to present his invention.

He bought the machines from a local machine dealer. As this dealer had a rapid increase in sales of the machine, the manufacturer of the machines became aware of Marco Steiger and so it happened that Marco Steiger with his maRoc GmbH received the exclusive order to produce for the well-known machine manufacturer.

Until the end of 2011 maRoc GmbH produced the oscillating E-Cut saw blades exclusively for the machine manufacturer. Due to a reorientation of the business strategy, the partnership ended and Marco Steiger founded CORAM TOOLS GMBH with today's trademark of the oscillating B-Cut saw blades the Biber.

maRoc GmbH continued to exist as a production company and CORAM TOOLS GMBH was the brand and sales company. Since 2017 CORAM TOOLS GMBH has also been responsible for production. CORAM TOOLS GMBH also moved from its long-standing location in Frauenfeld to Affeltrangen, where we now produce our saw blades in a relaxed, rural area.

In addition to producing the current range, we are constantly tinkering with new products and improvements and will supply the market with new products at the beginning of 2019.

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