Article number for B-Cut saw blades

At first glance, our article number may seem a bit complicated, but behind it there is a sophisticated logic. It gives you information about the product and the packaging unit and how the product is packaged. Below we explain the structure of our 13-digit article number, which we have been implementing with our products since 2017.

MJI Product group
035 Detail
003 Content
001 Units
K Packaging

Product group


The first sign of the first 3 digit block stands for our B-Cut saw blades for the fit. So you can see whether it is a product with multi, star, quick or open fit.

M: Multi-Fit
S: Star-Fit
Q: Quick-Fit
O: Open-Fit

The second sign of the first 3 digit block stands for the serration of the saw blades.

J: japanese toothing
S: single point toothing
U: universal toothing
R: radical toothing

The third sign of the first 3 digit block stands for the hardening of the saw blades.

I: induction hardened
B: Bi-metal
H: Hard metal



The second block of 3 digits stands for the details of the product, if it concerns numbers it specifies the width in mm. But it can also be SET, for products which are in a mixed set.

035: width in mm
SET: mixed productset



This block of 3 digits indicates the number of products in the unit. In this example, it is a 3 pieces blister, the 003 here stands for the 3 saw blades.

001: 1 pc.
003: 3 pcs.



The last block with 3 digits stands for the number of units which are in the outer carton. This number is usually 001. However, this number is relevant for our big blister packs.

001: 1 unit
050: 50 units



The last digit indicates how the product is packaged. We differentiate between 3 types of packaging, in the cardboard box , in blister or as loose bulk packaging.

K: Card box
B: blister
L: loose

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