With us everything is a little bit different! How we name things

Since we produced our first saw blades in 1997, at that time with maRoc GmbH, the name has changed several times. In the beginning it was simply saw blades for the triangle grinder, then the name oscillator came up. The saw blades after the German machine manufacturer, the so-called fine blades, are known far and wide. Further the name E-Cut Saw Blade was coined. Today we speak of oscillating saw blades or our B-Cut saw blades.

The pictures of our oscillating saw blades

How we have structured our article number

MJI Product group
035 Detail
003 Content
001 Units
K Packaging

E-cut or B-cut?

B-Cut stands for Biber-Cut - the bite of our saw blades from the beaver.

Our trademark is the beaver with its absolutely sharp teeth, which also distinguish our B-Cut saw blades. In our eyes, the beaver is the craftsman of the animal world, he does many things like us. He is an architect, he is a structural engineer, he builds dams with integrated apartments, he repairs, etc.

Of oscillators and multifunctional tools

The oscillating multi-tool has gained a new great importance since 1997 thanks to the invention of Marco Steiger with his saw blades. Even since the expiry of the patent on Fein's oscillating multi-function machines, even large well-known companies such as Bosch have jumped on the bandwagon and there is no end to inventive new developments for such machines and accessories - see our latest developments.

private label

Our saw blades are also available in private label. As we are extremely flexible in production we can consider almost all customer wishes. So we adapt everything from pad printing to the complete packaging to the customer. Wherever possible we leave the Bieber as a sign of quality.

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